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Howard Stern vs. American Idol

I’m not a big fan of Howard Stern.  I don’t dislike the man, unlike my husband, who could head up the biggest Howard Stern fan club.  If ever Mr. Stern needed someone to campagne for him, my husband would be the perfect person. 

Several weeks ago that is just what Howard did, he campagned for Sanjaya, a contestant on American Idol.  Sanjaya to say the least, wasn’t very good.  I’m  not really sure how he even made to the finals.  In plain words  he really sucked.  Howard new this, but in the mist of trying to make a point to the world, that American Idol was fixed, in other words the peoples vote didn’t count, he started to rally.  He told all of his viewers to vote for Sanjaya, weather he was good or not. Now my husband, probably the biggest fan of Howard Stern, thought that he had more fans then American Idol did. Maybe, maybe not.  Did my husband vote, NO.  My point exactly, how many people like Bob, who are dedicated fans, who don’t watch Idol, and who didn’t vote. Just because one person called in to the Howard Stern show and said he voted 100 times doesn’t mean that everybody did the same. 

I respect the fact that Howard is a knowledgeable, honest, out spoken person who stands up for what he believes in.  And if he believes that American Idol is “fixed” and wants to prove it, he shouldn’t go about it at the expense of the other contestants.

I’m a big fan of Idol and it doesn’t matter if I believe that the show is fixed or not.  I don’t care what Simon says or does. ( I actually like him ) I see this show as an opportunity for the less fortunate to follow their dreams.  If not for American Idol, most people wouldn’t have the good fortune to pursue this dream.  Even the people who don’t win have been recognized for their talent. 

When Howard startd this campagne he didn’t take into consideration the fact that if Sanjaya did win that one of the other contestants wouldn’t.  The one that really deserves to win.  The fair way.  Everyone I have talked to about this is very upset of the whole situation. I think that this whole campagne is very selfish on Howard’s part.  It’s not fair to the other contestants who really do belong there, not because people vote for them on a mission to prove a point.  But because they are truly good. 

Well, kiss my ass Howard.  Last night your cause was voted out.  Now I can sit back and enjoy the show. 


3 responses

  1. HA!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I did it! Nah, nah, na-na, nah!!!!! I told you I would find you, but for your sake and my lack of time, I haven’t read a thing here….yet. Gotta go to the rec. Later!


    April 20, 2007 at 3:13 pm

  2. capricorn1966

    how hard was it? do i have to worry. I’m not sure I can keep up with you and julie. Michael is pretty good too. I guess I can’t worry about what other people think or I wouldn’t be me then. well no matter how good or bad it is it helps to control my brain from exploding. thanks to you. so read on..

    April 20, 2007 at 3:29 pm

  3. You have far surpassed me in blog hosting, lady jane. It was hard to find. You’re safe. But I really wish you could put the address in the comment box so others can click on you. Why not put the address on Julie’s and Michael’s blogs? Just not on mine. Honestly, though, I think your stalker has faded into the background noise in his…..HEAD! Jeeeesh. And he all acts so stickin’ normal. WTF? Freak.

    My next post, as I am taking a hiatus from religion, will be on freaks.

    April 26, 2007 at 10:36 pm

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