Life As I See It

A World in a Different Way

“This state of mind evolved naturally.  It’s not at all a malfunction- to the contrary, it’s a coherent, functioning response to a different kind of world and society than that in which many of us live”  Thom Hartmann

Hartmann points out in his book that the world many, many years ago, was made up of two kinds of people. Farmers and explorers.  The characteristic and traits of a farmer is way different then the characteristic and traits of an explorer.  When he refers to the explorer, he is comparing the same traits to that of a person with Attention Deficit Disorder and the farmer to a person that is non ADD. 

A farmer is someone who is able to concentrate on a task without being distracted on what’s going on around her.  She is well organized and has the attention span to concentrate over a long period of time.  This allows her to pace herself  and conserve energy to finish long term projects.  Farmers see the logical end of a product.  They follow the process step by step and are willing to wait as long as it takes to see the end result. Farmers work well in group settings and have great attention for details.  They remain focus on long term goals no matter how mundane the task is.  They are able to follow through no matter how long it takes.  Farmers are careful planners and don’t take risks for fear of disastrous consequences. Now let’s take a look at the explorer.

Explorers notice everything, they are alert of what’s going on around them.  Being aware of every detail is important to their success.  Explorers can focus only on one task at hand, but with great intensity.  They are flexible and can change their focus according to the need at hand. (in other  words unorganized) They have high levels of energy and are result oriented.  They want success now.  Explorers are visual thinker rather then verbal thinker. They can act independently and make decisions quickly.   Explorers thrive on taking risks and enjoy excitement.

These are excellent qualities but the question is do explorers fit in, in a world in which we live in today, that is organized for our educational  system, our legal system and our business system.   According to Hartmann, he says that the explorers are the spark plugs of our society.  They are the ones who bring about change and who are not afraid to face the unknown. 

But what about the one who is always late for work. The one who can’t focus on more then one thing at a time and without being distracted by her surroundings.  When she can’t pay attention to someone who is talking, and is embarrassed to ask them to repeat themselves, time and time again. When the brain exceeds the capacity of processing information, it shuts down. Memory is the system of getting information, hanging onto it, and getting it out when it is needed again.  This is one of the deficits of an explorer.  We live on an emotional roller coaster. Our feelings are amplified. Low moods feel like the end of the world and when were happy we explode with euphoria.  Being impulsive is a failure to stop and think about what you are doing or saying and not worrying about the consequences. These, just to name a few, are some of the deficits we live with day after day. We experience the world in a whole different way.  Free spirits in a world with too many rules. And unless there is a job opening for ….

that one special employee. The perfect candidate will be someone who has.. difficulty with rules and authority.. ineffective communication skills.. trouble switching between tasks… an intolerance to noise.. and inability to handle irritable, moody, impulsive and hyperactive behavior style.

then we will just have to have faith.


2 responses

  1. Put your blog address in my comments, will ya? On my blog, I mean. Everyone clicks everyone and you have an awsome thought-provoking blog. Keep writing, girlfriend.

    April 26, 2007 at 10:31 pm

  2. Awesome. I mean to write, awesome. I’m a terrible speller but I know how to spell awesome.

    April 26, 2007 at 10:32 pm

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