Life As I See It



Confusion!!!!!!  If I’m driving down the road and I see a pedestrian on the side of the road, at a crosswalk, am I suppose to stop and let them go, even though I DON’T have a stop sign or a red light.  Do I just stop in the middle of the road.   Wouldn’t that be “stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk”  See, where I come from there are several towns where the cross walk is in the middle of the block.  So do I stop?  Does this apply in parking lots as well?  A lot of shopping centers already have signs up saying, “Stop for Pedestrians” 

What pisses me off is that these people think they own the God Damn road.  They’ll just step out onto the road no matter what.  They don’t look.  If I’m at a stop sign or a red light, I let the pedestrian go first.  But don’t walk across the street in the middle of the block, where there is no cross walk, and expect me to stop.  And that’s what these people do and when you don’t stop they look at you funny or mouth something under the breathe. 

This is what I know.  Pedestrians have the right away.  If I’m already stopped and there is a person waiting to go too, they go first.  What yield means to me is, If I see a person crossing the street then I must stop and let that person precede across the street. 

I don’t know what to do.  I don’t want to open my mouth if I’m not correct about something.  I think I might have to call PENNDOT on this one. 


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