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I taught my friend Saranne’s daughter this year in preschool.  At the end of each school year the parents of the children give the teachers gifts, if they choose to do so.  It wasn’t until February, when Saranne gave me her blog address, and I started to read her stories, that I realized we have alot in common.  One of our universal traits is, buying gifts that are personal and meaningful.  Gift cards are great too, but when someone put thought and passion into a gift, because they stopped to get to know me, that is what makes me feel special. 

Saranne was patience and unselfish when she trotted out on an adventure to find just the right gift for me.  When she came to me that morning and said Her and Hazel had a gift for me and that she likes to give personal gifts, and she wasn’t sure that I would like what she bought, I had every ounce of confidence that she knew me well enough to buy something that I would like.  I never in my wildest dreams would think someone, unless they worked side by side with me for a very long time, would see my essential nature.  Saranne did, or she wouldn’t of bought me a book on Angels and Healing with the Angels Oracle cards (help you communicate with your angels) and Guardian Angel essential oil, and for that she made me feel extra special.   

Thank You, Saranne for inspiring me to remember who I am.  Someone who believes in the supernatural, past life regression, ghosts and of course Angels.  I’m not a person who just believes in the body of fact.  I’m not a religous person either, meaning that I do not practice my faith, but I think that I am spiritual in certain ways. 

I may not be the brightest star in the sky, nevertheless, when I look up and wish upon the first star I see,  my wish might not come true, however I believe that someone is looking down and watching over me. 


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  1. Cool. Thank you for the thank you. We have to rangle Gerri Kay into our day at the beach. I also have to schedule with my new job. You had asked me weeks ago how unemployment was going? What unemployment? I got a new job the second I left Green Lane. I know I’m supposed to be grateful, but I was just getting into gardening and peace and reading again. Then, BAM. The new job. It’s that writing gig I told you about that Julie helped me out with. Anywho, my schedule’s flexible. I just need to mark my calendar.

    June 17, 2007 at 11:37 pm

  2. Oh, and the girls love the beach! We were there today all day until 7:30 and we had to drag them off the sand. They’d live there, in the sand and water, not in a house or anything, if I let them.

    June 17, 2007 at 11:38 pm

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