Life As I See It

Road Trip, The Survival

spontanious, thrilling, stimulating, there is just so many words to decribe the feeling of going nowhere. We have survived and for that, it made us better people.

 Looking down you tell there was once a house there.

We started Saturday morning around 8:00 am. Knowing we were going north, we got on the north east extension to 80 west, then to 81 west, from there we preceded to 61 north towards frackville. We took 61 north straight into a town, which is no longer there due to the coal mines burning underneath of it since 1962. Thank You Julie they were excellent directions. Centralia was a town of about 1100 people, in 1962, the dump where they would burn all their trash, caught the underground mine on fire. Every means of distinguishing this fire was taken, but still the fire remains. The town doesn’t excist anymore.


A few houses remain along route 61, the fire house being one of them. The cemetaries are also still intact . We tried to drive down some of the roads, but they led nowhere. It looks like one big land fill. Still the story remains and attracts alot of tourists.

One mile of rt 61 was blocked off due to the road buckleing and cracking.

Sulfuric acid spills out of the ground.

Next we headed toward Knoebles camp ground and amusement park, there is a Holiday Inn fifteen minutes past that. So we stopped there. Being that everyone is on a budget, and Michele’s wedding fund is in the negative, we decided to camp. We brought the tent, good thinking, but none of us brought anything to sleep with. Nikki started to get nervous. We pulled into a Walmart went in, bought what we needed for camping. We called, World’s End and Rickets Glen state park. They had nothing. Nikki was now in cardiac arrest, for she hates camping and thinks it’s an uncomfortable convience to a bad money situation. Our only hope was Knoebles. And lucky we were, only 15 minutes away. Half hour later we were at our site ready to put up our tent.

We pulled into our site, took the tent out of the car, still in it’s orignal box, and sat it on the platform. The three of us looked at it for ten minutes figuring out how the fuck we were going to put this tent up. Me, I’m not good with put things together, so I was just the overseer. With everyone watching, we preceded to take the tent out of the box. You think putting the tent up is hard, it took the three of us just to take it out of the damn box. We laid it out on the platform and Nikki kept telling us where to put the poles and we were just not getting it. By this time I was snorting laughter out of my nose and was wandering how long would it take for someone to come and help us. Finally after 20 minutes the litttle girl sitting on the bench next to us asked if we needed help. With the help of another man, who didn’t want to crush our egos, waited until a ten year old offered to help.

When all was said and done, we headed down to the park, got some dinner, bought some tickets for the rides and road some rollercoasters. Ten dollars worth of tickets goes along way in this part of the state. To be exact, $2.20, to ride a rollercoaster. Michele just couldn’t fathom the fact they would charge $2.20 for a ride. Why wouldn’t they just make it an even number?

Michele and I are one in the same. We think alike, we act alike and we have the same kind of humur. Five years earlier when  we were there. In line getting funnel cake, we couldn’t believe our eyes. We just turned to each other and smiled, because we knew exactly what each other was thinking. How many hicks do you think it took to make a funnel cake? You got it 5, one to take you order, one to pour the batter, one to take it out of the oil, one to shake the sugar on it and one to get the drink. Well the system must work, because five years later they were still there doing the same thing. That is probably why they charge so much for funnel cake, $3.00, later that night we got custard, 3 cones, yup, you got it. $6.00…

We were up early and taking down the tent by 7:30, again with everyone watching, three city girls trying to fold this tent up and get it back into the bag it came in. That didn’t happen, just throw it in the car, and off we went to our next destination, Rickets Glen State Park, We laid on the beach there by the lake, had some lunch, 3 cheeseburgers (we could of had lettuce, tomatoe and onion if we wanted) 3 cheesefries and 3 bottled soda’s, you got it all for under $14.00. After lunch we headed home, but not first before stopping at the world’s largest general, in Leigh Highton. Don’t stop there it’s not worth it.

There is nothing better then the feeling of not knowing. The magic and intrigue of what’s coming next. Going from one place to another with no worry.  People need excitement and facination in their life and without it they find themselves derpressed and lonely.


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  1. What an awesome story! I’m so jealous you made it to Centralia. I read Julie’s blog story so long ago and it made me want to go. Michael has incredible pics of Centralia at

    Okay, I MUST get some work done NOW!!!!!!! You have the best blog ever. In fact, when I have the time, I will use you as the topic of a post.

    July 9, 2007 at 10:35 pm

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