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Sexual Intensities and Sensitivities

 As I sat in Star Bucks, drinking my latte and minding my own business,  I was listening to the girls two tables down, who were talking about sex.  Of course this sparked my attention as it may be one of my favorite subjects. 

Sex, is it different before you have a baby, then after you have one?  Is the sensitivity and intensities higher or lower?  Is it easier to have an orgasm?  I don’t know, I never had this problem and never really thought about it until I was eaves dropping on a conversation that I shouldn’t of been listening to.  

Polls aren’t in yet.  This is what I’ve found out.  First lets define orgasm:  An orgasm is a reflex occurring when the body has had sufficient effective stimulation.   The muscle that begins the orgasm, in women, is called a pubococcygeal muscle.  When stimulated this muscle builds up pressure until it reaches it’s boiling point or climax, then, allowing the body to go back to it’s unaroused state.  Women can find this muscle by shutting off the urine flow midstream.  Men have the same muscle and can find it the same way. 

During childbirth many changes occur to the vagina.  This muscle being one of them.  It streches like a rubberband, causing the intensity of your ogasm to lessen.  Eventually this muscle regains its elasticity, with the help of Kegal exercises.  <a fref=”“>kegel</a>   Some are damaged and may need further attention.  The stronger the pubococcygeal muscle, the stronger the orgasm, true, for both men and women.

Another thing that happens is that the skin over the clitoris thickens, causing interference with stimulating the clitoris and decreasing the sensitivity.  As far as I can tell surgery is the only thing to fix this. 

For all you women who have this problem, my heart goes out to you.  My advice, start Kegeling.   And if clitoris stimulation isn’t an option, go for the big one.  As Sigmund Freud pronounce,  the “mature” woman has orgasms only when her vagina, but not her clitoris, is stimulated. This, of course, made the man’s penis central to a woman’s sexual satisfaction.  Good luck ladies, not many us have this pleasure.  If you do, then your considered one of the lucky ones.


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  1. michaelrcrane

    I have found the exact opposite. After kids the intensity is increased ten fold. My wife can be a testament to that. It took close to 8-10 months to fully recover, but wow!!! She is a different woman and ten times more sexual.


    October 12, 2007 at 1:01 am

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