Life As I See It

All In A Days Work

I always give the benefit of the doubt.  I never jump to any conclusions.  If someone doesn’t use their turn signal, maybe the bulb was burnt out.  If someone is rude or impatient maybe they were having a bad day, if someone is not friendly maybe they have social anxiety.  You never know what the circumstances are, so don’t judge unless you know for sure.   Although, I’m very impatience and people really piss me off, I try to keep my cool and think of the situation. 

I was in the drive through line at the bank, doing an errand for someone in the office.  Commerce, banking at your convenience.  What does that really mean, that they are open on Sunday’s, that they have late Saturday hours.  Convenience to me, is hurry the fuck up and get me out as quick as possible.  That’s what they invented a drive through for, right.  

So, I was sitting in line, the second car back, for fifteen minutes, that’s what I said, fifteen minutes.  I was irate, to lazy to get out of the car and go in, I picked up my cell phone, which, by the way, is the only good reason to have one, dialed information and called the bank.  At first I was connected the main office and then was transferred to the branch I was at. 

A girl picked up the phone and I preceded to tell her that I was a customer sitting in line for fifteen minutes, while the lady in front of me was doing every banking need she could think of.   I asked, “shouldn’t she come into the lobby to do all of this.  Her response was, “that is up to the teller”  Beeeep, wrong answer. 

Talk about a hot headed Irish-Italian woman with PMS.  I then told her that she had better put the manager on the phone because I was not a happy camper.  By this time my blood was boiling, screaming at this poor man, all he could say was that he would have talk with her and apologized.  Still on the phone with the manager, I pulled up to the window and the girl asked if I was having a nice day.  What do you think my response was.  You guessed it, with the manager on the phone, too.   I ripped her a new asshole, I did.  After five minutes, she lost the benefit of the doubt rule.   My impatience got the better of me.  She processed my transaction not knowing that she had started my day in disgust.  Off to starbucks for an iced latte……..


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