Life As I See It

Life Again and Again

The soul of man is immortal and imperishable.
Plato, The Republic
Greek author & philosopher in Athens (427 BC – 347 BC 

When my friend was a little girl she told her mother a story, detail after detail, of when her mother and her aunt were little.  A secret only the two of them knew.  How could a secret that happened decades before, that was never told to anyone, be known to child who never even met her aunt. 

Our soul is our spiritual being, it’s our essence, our divine spark, our psyche.  Where does this life force go when we die?  Does it die with us or does it live on in someone else?

Did you ever experience DeJa’ Vu.  Have you ever just met someone and it feels like you’ve known them forever?  A certain smell sparks a memory that doesn’t make any sense to you at all.  A soul mate, not necessarily having to be your husband, but just a friend or a family member or even someone you have just met, that you connect with on a different level.

Reincarnation is a mystical belief that some part of your essential nature is reborn into a new body.  Some believe this, most don’t.  A spirit is an entity that is not seen on the outside.  It’s your inner you, your true self.  People believe that this entity can live on, when a person dies the soul moves on into another body. Some believe that it could just stay in the spiritual realm for centuries, waiting to be reborn, if it chooses. 

There are many religious beliefs.  <a href=”“>reincarnation</a>

 I believe in past lives, reincarnation, rebirth.  I don’t believe that each soul is only one true self.   How could I be my true self if I was someone Else’s soul.  Everyone is their own individual.  Everyone makes their own choices, they have their own free will and certainly our choices have no impact on who we were in our past lives.  I believe when a soul reincarnates, it captures a little piece of that soul and houses a whole new being, creates a new personality, a new entity.  And life as we know it begins again. 


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  1. spanky

    hahahahahh I love the jersey shore (stone harbor) filthy water and all…poor cappy…you need to tune it all out like white noise and spray your nostrils with fabreeze and youll have more fun. call me next time, ill chat your ears off and youll never notice all the think you hate…

    August 29, 2007 at 10:42 am

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