Life As I See It


I have the worse sense of direction. If I have to turn off course, even in my own neighborhood, my mind gets confused and I don’t know where I’m at. Just another characteristic of ADD. Last night I had to take my car to Horsham, to have regular maintenance service done to it.  My sister followed me there so I could drop off my car. It’s easy to get to, take 476n, east on the turnpike, get off at the Willowgrove exit, Rt. 611, stay to the right and the garage is on the corner at the third traffic light. Sounds easy, huh….We preceded east on the turnpike, I saw the sign for Willowgrove, Jenkintown and Doylestown, 3 miles. No problem. When I came to the exit the sign only read 611 and underneath it said Jenkintown and Doylestown, so I thought what any normal person would think, but see that’s the problem I’m not normal, that maybe the next exit is 611, also, one goes one way and the other goes the other way. WRONG…..I past the exit and eight miles later I’m going through the toll onto RT. one.   Nikki still behind me, the sky was dark, and I can’t see a damn thing.  I got off at the next exit, thinking Nikki was behind me, until I realized she wasn’t, I began to panic.  I had no clue what exit I got off of but I thought it would loop me around and get me back to where I was. Wrong again, Nikki was nowhere to be found and the road was very dark and dreary. After about two miles I came upon a 7 eleven. I pulled in and called Bob and cried for five minutes and blamed him for not taking me. I didn’t even know what road I was on, so he couldn’t tell me how to get back. All I know is that I was scared and my sister was gone forever.I sat there for ten minutes pulled myself together and got back on the road going the opposite direction and Nikki calls me, I forgot to mention that Nikki didn’t have her cell phone on her. She found the Neshaminy Mall and was at a restaurant there. At least I knew she was safe. I preceded on this dark road when I came upon an exit that said Neshaminy, I got off and it took me right to the mall. I found Nikki and we were now was getting directions back to the turnpike.

Go out the exit to the light, make a left, go to the second light and make a right, that will take you to the turnpike. Easy, huh, think we were safe now, NOPE. Right before the light there was a right turn, so I thought maybe I had to turn there instead at the light because some lights are like that, I was wrong again and lost again. Still not knowing what road we were on, we got off at 413, took us into a neighborhood, we sat there for ten minutes, not knowing what to do, so we followed the sign for 413, still not knowing where we were, took us right into a gas station, still not knowing where we were. We ask for directions again. Sounds easy, but there was a man listening and when we got outside he said to us, I don’t know why he told you to go that way, Rt. 1 is right there. The looks on our faces must of said it all, he just looked at us and said, I’m going that was follow me and I will get you onto Rt. 1 and Rt. 1 will take you right to the turnpike. Now I’m thinking and I know you are thinking the same thing, he could be taking us right into a dark alley, at this point who cares. I just thank God he directed us because do you know how many turns it took to get onto Rt.1, you got it, four. We would of been definitely lost, again…

I’ve been lost plenty of times and it never bothered me, I always found my way back or someone has been with me. But being lost, alone, and not knowing where you are and how you are going to make it back, especially if the person who is following you is lost, too, you feel paralyzed, the panic attack begins and you think you will never be able to find them again. It is the most awful feeling in the world. Almost like not being able to breathe. You can’t even call someone for directions simply because you don’t know where you are. Scary, Scary, Scary……

We found our way to where we were going and the thing is, the sign does say Willowgrove, above 611 in tiny letters. Now I think I need to make a call to PENNDOT and tell them that their signs are very confusing.  Bob doesn’t have any faith that they will change the sign after fifty years just because I couldn’t see the words. What do you think?

I think I may just have to ask for a GPS for Christmas…


4 responses

  1. SunShine~Nicole

    you think it was scarry on your end, how do you think it was on my end!!! the people at Over the Border Mexican Grille thought I was CRAZY!!!

    September 25, 2007 at 11:28 am

  2. Oh hell! How awful!!!! 😦

    I’ve heard GPS is fantastic. I don’t have one, but probably should. I also panic when I don’t know where I am. It’s freakin’ scary!

    March 11, 2008 at 12:11 pm

  3. You need to take advantage of some higher technolgy.
    You could end up in that fucking town called Centralia
    (Valkenvalia) like Dan Akroyd.

    April 22, 2008 at 9:59 pm

  4. mick, read my road trip you know me all to well. Don’t know what happened to the pictures.

    road trip to hell

    April 23, 2008 at 8:28 am

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