Life As I See It


What does this really mean and how does it really affect women?  I’ll tell ya, the mood swings feel like I’m on a bungee cord ready to snap and if the wrong person cuts the cord watch the fuck out.  The devil in me is not very nice and there’s no telling what I might do or say.  It’s the most unearthly feeling and the thing is I know what foods trigger this horrible feeling. 

So here’s the thing, I go to the Doctors a couple of years ago because not only is my PMS really bad prior to my period but it is bad for the week after my period.  I proceed to tell my doctor who I absolutely adore and do you know what he tells me?  “That’s not PMS hon, you may need to see another doctor for that.” 

Are you fucking kidding, just give me another god damn pill to take and I’ll be good to go. 


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  1. In his book Why We Hurt, neurologist Frank Vertrosick presents the theory that PMS is evolution’s way of keeping our panties on during our infertile times. He says that, since we don’t have obvious signs of estrus like, say, a dog, nature needs that little push to get us screwing at the proper time.

    He also has a good theory on why we don’t have estrus…but to splain that, I’d have to splain why he says labor hurts us more than other mammals…and so on. It’s a fascinating book.

    March 21, 2008 at 8:17 pm

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