Life As I See It

St Patrick’s Day

cimg1948.jpgOnly Ridley would make their police cars red.  Who’s fat ass is that?

                         cimg1961.jpg It’s just temporary.  cimg1962.jpg  This is just something Kelly does when she out. 

cimg1963.jpg  Five more minutes.  She doesn’t feel a thing.  I promise.

                        cimg1964.jpg  Come on Kelly it’s time to get up.  cimg1965.jpg 

Five, four, three, two, one, see I told you,  ten minutes and she’s good to go.  cimg1966.jpg

cimg1976.jpg  Yeah, honey, keep looking at me like that, you haven’t seen anything yet, wait until your bachelorette party.  You think you’re so innocent.

 cimg1978.jpg  Danielle has a problem steeling hats from people.  cimg1979.jpg but it’s all good in the end. 

And I’m really not sure who this is.  Oh well.  cimg2003.jpg


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