Life As I See It

Wedding Crashers

There are all kinds of friends.  You have best friends, the ones that know you unconditionally.  They know every thought, every feeling and every dream that you have.  They know the good that’s in your heart and the evil that clouds your mind.  It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do they love you all the same.

Then there’s the friends you have at work.  Those are the ones you tell the half truths to.  You wish you can give yourself fully but you can’t, they are still your co-workers.  You’ll have lunch with them, maybe party once in a while but the fine line is still there. 

Then you have cyber friends.  The ones the Internet finds for you.  These are the people that could live any where in the world.  The only thing you really know about them is what they write in words.  Some of it could be true and some of it could not, you really don’t know.  You’ll never have lunch with these people or have a drink on a Friday night.  The best you can hope for is an e-mail, maybe, unless…they live close by and your sixth sense tells you after blogging with them for almost a year that they are good people and very talented that you want them to sing at your cousins wedding. 

So, last night Michele and I drove to the Double Tree Hotel in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, where there are too many jug handles and street signs, to hear my E-friend sing at a wedding, who is no longer is my E-friend since I officially met her in person and is just as wonderful as I thought she would be. 

Nikki didn’t want to go because she thought it was weird to attend a wedding she didn’t know but Peg made sure it was OK with the bride that we come there to hear her sing. 

p1000206.jpg So when we walked into the lobby it had appeared there were two weddings going on, not knowing where to go, we over heard an older couple asking for directions to one of the weddings.  So we followed them hoping it was the right one.  I turned to the lady and asked, “what’s the name of the wedding party your going to?”  She responded with the grooms name but I know Peg gave me the brides name but I couldn’t remember it.  “Hm, what about the brides name?”  As she looked at me dumbfounded she answered me with the brides name.  “That’s it.”

No one questioned our presence but we did get the stare, maybe because I didn’t check my coat or because we weren’t dressed enough for a wedding or because we knew we didn’t belong to either side.  Michele was a little nervous, “are you sure we’re in the right place, do you see Peg?”  “Um, I don’t know what she looks like.”  We got the program and made our way to the the last two seats in the back.   Peg knew who I was immediately and came over to greet us with a big hug.   

Any wedding is beautiful when the bride and groom almost burn the place down with the unity candle but don’t worry Mama peg was watching and waiting with a pitcher of water just in case.  Michele of course wanted to stop in and have an orderve and a cocktail.  And I was in the bathroom taking pictures. p1000208-1.jpg Isn’t this the most obnoxious thing you’ve seen in your life.  I don’t know what kind of drugs or what they were thinking when someone invented this.  We ended up at Cherry Hill Mall and I don’t need to say another word about that. 


5 responses

  1. Shopping!!!! YAYYYYYYY!

    April 1, 2008 at 12:37 pm

  2. yes peg and I wasn’t crazy about cherry hill mall. you should of seen us, I think we got lost in the parking lot because it didn’t look like a mall. It’s weird and long. It was the never ending mall.

    April 1, 2008 at 1:27 pm

  3. It used to be the coolest place on earth, Cap. Back in the 60s it was one of the first malls ever! Now, it’s old and decrepit. Sorry to say, the InterWebs have really had an impact on retail.

    April 1, 2008 at 3:12 pm

  4. I’m here from the internet, and I need to see your breasts.

    April 8, 2008 at 1:18 pm

  5. I just spent a half hour copy and pasting URLs into your fucking email and it didn’t take. what the fuck?

    April 8, 2008 at 8:33 pm

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