Life As I See It

What’s Up My Nanny Hoo Hoo

So I go to the gynecologist for a routine exam.  I’ve been seeing my doctor for 23 years and feel very comfortable with him and wouldn’t see anyone else. 

I’m sitting in the office with no clothes on except for a gown. The drapes were drawn open as I sat there hoping the roof didn’t need repairing that day.  The door flies open and in comes the doctor giving me a big hug and saying, “hey, Krissy, what going on it’s been a long time sweetheart.”  Now the only people that calls me Krissy is my family.  So I’m guessing that the amount of times he has seen my vagina warrants him to call me this. 

“Well Doc, what’s up with only being here one afternoon a week?  That’s not flexible enough for my schedule.  Last time I came I had to see the other Doctor.”

“Didn’t you like her,” he responded.

“Oh yeah, anyone who feels the need to stick a long needle in my vagina and snip a piece of skin off is alright in my book.”

What the fuck?

“So Doc, I’ve been having these symptoms the past couple of months and you know.”

“I know what?  You are getting ol…”

“Old my ass.  Listen, what ever it is just get rid of it.  I didn’t sign up for this shit and I don’t have the time for it.”

“Sweetheart, it’s nature,”  as he’s fondling my breasts.

“Well I didn’t sign up for nature class either.  Can’t you take it out?  Do a hysterectomy or something.”

“It doesn’t work that way, honey, I’ll see you in a year.”

Why do doctors always feel it necessary to blame everything on getting older.  Needless to say he didn’t give me any good drugs.  Next doctor…


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