Life As I See It

David vs David

OK, from day one, I said that I wanted to see David Cook and David Archuletta standing in the final two.  Well, I got my wish and I think think they are equally good in their own style. 

I watch three reality shows and never once in all the years has the one I cheered for has ever won.  Although, David Archuletta stole the show tonight, I think David Cook should win.  He’s original, he’s creative and he has an eye for style.  Actually he’s fucking hot and I’d do him in dire second but that’s besides the point. 

David A. has a phenomenal voice but he’s still a baby and needs to find himself.  He probably has never been kissed.  But that’s all gonna change, David, once you step out of this contest you’re getting fucked.  So, be prepared and make sure you use protection. 

So, there you have it and tomorrow night we’ll find out who will be the next American Idol.  And if Simon Cowell (I’d do him, too) has anything to do with it then he will do the right thing.  Will I be right about this one or will the odds be against me.

I don’t know we’ll see.

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