Life As I See It

I Want A Jag

Today, I had to go to Jaguar/Land Rover Mainline to pick up a part for my boss’, 1991, yes I said 91, Range Rover.  He really should get rid of that piece of shit.  And for being an upscale Dealer the customer service wasn’t up to par. 

I entered the show room with six people staring at me with a look that maybe I was in the wrong place or maybe it was the way I was dressed.  I was in my usual shorts, tank and flip flops, not fancy enough, I guess.  I asked where the parts department was and he pointed to the counter around the corner where there was no one to be found.  I stood there for five minutes and still no one. 

A man walked by and asked if I was being helped, I said, “no, I’m waiting for someone in parts.”  He preceded in the back to get someone but didn’t return. 

One minute later another man walked by and asked, “Is someone helping you?”  I answered, “Yeah, someone went to get the parts man.”

One minute later another man walked by, “Are you being helped?”  I answered, “By everyone except the one that’s suppose to.”

He quickly got on the loud speaker and paged someone to the parts counter, twice. 

I turned to him and smiled, “maybe it was the Isuzu, next time I’ll drive up in my Jag.”


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