Life As I See It

I Love My Job

I was out on the road today with one of our service men.  I needed to get out of the office and get some fresh air and soak in some sun.  I recently got a new computer and program, so for the past three days I’ve been sitting at the computer and putting in all of our inventory.  It’s a very long and tedious job. 

I enjoy testing the pool’s chemicals, it’s relaxing to me.  I also like checking out the houses.   I peak in the windows every chance I get.  I love the old stone houses, they’re comforting in a way that soothes the soul, not that a brand new million dollar home isn’t soothing but the old eccentric homes that you only see in movies sitting on a cliff top with fog hovering around the grounds are intriguing and mysterious to me.  I love the old brick terrace’s that lead out into a garden of wilderness that surrounds the pool for privacy with no reason to wear a bathing suit.  You can still hear the outside noise of the environment but you’re in your own little world and no one knows you’re there.  Complete heaven.

Today, I visited a house that was quite the opposite but just as beautiful none the less.  It was a new home that was situated on a culdesac.  The driveway was to the right and when you entered the gate to the rear of the house the kidney shaped pool was beautifully landscaped with no shade in sight.  The only trees were at the bottom of a vast incline, that when standing by the pool side you could only see the tops of them.  The endless sky was clear and blue and, although, the pool was a grey plaster finish the sun reflected off the water giving it a sparkling blue color.  The privacy was still welcoming and the surrounding was still serene.  complete heaven.


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