Life As I See It

Do You Remember…

…this picture?

It use to sit in the right hand corner of my blog and I used it as my avatar.

Last June someone commented on this post, I wrote in December. He said he was working with authors on a book about feelings and he wanted to use the photo, in the book. In return, I would get an autograph copy of the book and an invitation to the book launch, when it was done, which, I think will be in California, so that won’t happen.

The book will be based on the website We Feel Fine which studies human feelings on the Web. Every few minutes it searches weblogs for the phrase, “I feel” or “I am feeling” and my blog was targeted. Lucky me.

Of course, I agreed after all, you can’t tell it’s me, except for the awesome hair. I also requested, if at all possible, that they photo shop the pussy beer with a lager but if altering the photo in any way would disqualify me, then don’t worry about it. He was glad to hear from me and said that he would be in touch.

I haven’t heard anything since June, until just now. They are in the last phase of editing the book and needed me to sign release papers so they can print the photo in the book.

And some people rode me, for a very long time about this photo. So, Bwahahahahaha…what do you think now?

I actually think this picture has more feeling.


But that’s just me. Peace.


7 responses

  1. Haha. Cappie the question is, ‘Are you feeling?’ 😉

    February 22, 2009 at 8:15 pm

  2. That’s a good question, considering some people think, I’m not capable of feeling. But considering the source, it’s probably jealousy.

    February 23, 2009 at 1:41 pm

  3. The hair is truly awesome. Leaning towards fabulous! 😉

    February 24, 2009 at 7:16 am

  4. Oh and you’ve been blogrolled.

    February 24, 2009 at 7:16 am

  5. And oh now that I’m checking out your hair again, I think you’re hot. Now if only you drink horsepiss-like Beer. Gah.

    March 19, 2009 at 12:51 pm

  6. *didn’t drink

    March 19, 2009 at 12:52 pm

  7. Not my fault, that’s all they served. It didn’t matter, I was wasted by the time I got there.

    March 19, 2009 at 8:49 pm

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