Life As I See It

It Was All Worth $142.00

Today, I had to attend traffic court, for a 15 year old ticket, because the federal legislation requires each state to check the National Drivers Registry prior to renewing a driver’s license.  The NDR gives the names of states where an individual has a license that has been withdrawn.  I was surprised, I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out why my NJ license had been revoked.  It had to be a mistake, right? 

So, I called the number that was on the letter, which was the New Jersey DMV.  They told me that I had gotten a ticket in Pa, the summer of 1993, and that it was for disregarding an electronic signal and that it was 142.00, which I needed to pay Pa not NJ.  Then, after, I settle the score with Pa, I would need to prove that to NJ and pay a 100.00 restoration fee to get back a license, I probably will never use again. 

I called PENNDOT with the summons number New Jersey had given me and that meant nothing to them.  Of course, why would anything in my life be simple?  I called NJ DMV again and this time a different customer service rep led me in the right direction.  It took a couple of days but after going through the archives the nice man in a different department found the original ticket.  He gave me the information, I needed to pay the ticket. 

I was on my way to the district court to pay the ticket and then I realized, if I pay this ticket, I’m admitting guilt, therefore, I will be given the adequate amount of points against my license that goes along with a moving violation, which could possibly effect my car insurance.  When I got to the court the lady in the office couldn’t give me an answer so she suggested, I pay the 7.00 for a hearing and the judge could decide.  It was worth it to me to pay the 7.00 not to have the points on my license.  I was still willing to pay the 142.00, because I really couldn’t dispute a ticket, I had no recollection of.   I thought maybe they might even dismiss the whole thing since it was so old and I was willing to go to court.  My husband said, “No I don’t think so, they’re doing this for the money.” 

I went to court this morning where, I sat in a room full of people where an officer would call each person into a small office to go over how the ticket would be handled.  When, I went in he said, going through the papers, “I don’t know….” 

“That’s because the ticket is 15 years old,”  I interrupted.  He looked at me funny and I proceeded to tell him the story and he said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll dismiss it and you won’t have to pay anything.” 

Yay me, but of course, I had to be seen in front of the judge so she could make it legitimate. But I didn’t have to pay the ticket.  

It was worth it. 

All of this, just to improve highway saftety….



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