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The World Will Follow

I remember a story a friend told me some years ago about a family in such despair, if it wasn’t for The Salvation Army this family wouldn’t have any gifts for their children to put under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

I’ve always walked past the man standing in the vestibule of any supermarket standing next to that red tin pot hanging under a Salvation Army sign, ringing his bell, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.   The day I heard that story changed the way I felt about the man standing there year after year begging for money.  It wasn’t just about the thrift store in the next town over that sells everyone Else’s junk real cheap.

The Salvation Army” is an organization that helps millions of people with dozens of programs for children, adults, and families, across the country.  Since then I’ve always made it a point, no matter how many times a week I walked past that man ringing his bell, I would drop what ever money I had in my wallet for those less fortunate people.

This year, although I’m not in the same position as that family long ago, I’m also not in the position to put money in that red tin pot.  It breaks my heart to just walk by that man, knowing I wasn’t there to help the next family that needed it more than me

Merry Christmas and have wonderful joyous day

Peace and Love



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