Life As I See It

And Then There Were Three part 2

I waited anxiously, all day for six o clock to come.  This was the time Sharon was to arrive.   After not seeing her for several years, she finally decided it was time to visit the friends she devoted the past ten years to. 

Sharon admitted herself into a rehabilitation center the fall of 2004.  She spent thirty days and then went to an extended program in Florida.  We wouldn’t hear from her except for an occasional e-mail. Two days before her 6 month of sobriety April, she relapsed. 

I remember she was coming home for her sisters college graduation in May.  Sharon contacted us, wanting to get together.  When the time came she called and made an excuse that she had to go out to dinner with her sister.  That winter, Christmas of 2005 she did the same thing, but only she didn’t expect me to run into her at a store near by.  When I saw her it frightened me, was this my friend that left a year ago.  She looked at me as if I was nobody to her.  I approached her, she was with her mother, but acted like she didn’t even know me.  It took her every ounce of energy to say hi.  Was it because she was with her mom, who blamed us for her addiction.  Was it embarrassment?  She hurried out  and I remember running to the back of the store and crying.  I didn’t want to believe that she cut us off completely. 

E-mails were far and few between.  They came with the highs and lows of a recovering addict.  My feelings weren’t feelings anymore and I started to become very distance.  The only contact I had with her was e-mailing pictures of my granddaughter.  A couple of months ago she wrote that she was going to be in town the end of April and that she wanted to get together with us.  Six o clock on Sunday would be perfect for her.  I agreed and so did Nikki.  Michele on the other hand has so much animosity that she refused to come.  I guess if she doesn’t come then that would be one less time that she would be hurt. Not me, for some reason I had a feeling, that this was sincere.  I guess you can call it faith. (something you believe in that you really can’t prove.)  I had faith, an internal feeling, a sign from God, intuition, what ever you want to call it.  I knew she would be here.

Michele decided to come a few hours before the time.  Nikki came at 5:00 and Michele came at 5:30, we waited patiently.  Ten after six and still no Sharon.  I didn’t give up, five minutes later she arrived.  Things were a little awkward at first but we got right into catching up on things that had been going on with us in the past two years.  We didn’t talk about old times though.  e.i. Do you remember when…… which was good. 

There was a sense of serenity when all was said and done.  The pressure is no longer there for the next time we meet.  Will we be the same four people we were some years ago?  Of  course not. people change.  circumstances change. Eighteen months, clean of drugs and alcohol, Sharon is starting her new life with her new friends in Florida.  Nikki, Michele and I will always be apart of Sharon.  We might not be in her new life but we’ll always be in her old one.  A true friend will always be there no matter what.  And can always count on them.  Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, her new friends may not be there, but we will still be here. I hope she knows that.  Love forever.

Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.
Publilius Syrus
(~100 BC)

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