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Happy Birthday To A Friend I Thought Would Never Be.

Five years ago an arrogant, pig-headed, ass of a  man came to my blog and posted a message in the comment section to a fellow blogger because she blocked him from her blog.  He wanted to rectify a miscommunication that had happened a few days earlier.  It went something like this:

Hey capricorn.
The only reason I came was to let it be known that I tried to apologize to heather and Spank.
Unfortunately I have been blocked from her site.
Whats even more unfortunate is that at first I felt really bad. But now I dont. It seems that its prevalent among that crowd to talk shit about someone without giving them the ability to answer back.
Pretty chicken shit, if you ask me.
Please relay my sentiments to Spank letting her know that I think shes a judgmental selective bitch with no guts.
I would never allow someone to be falsely or wrongly spoken of on my blog without letting them have a chance to apologize or defend themselves.

If you want to recap you can read the whole conversation here.

Since then a friendship has grown and in the end I got a big brother I never had.

Happy birthday Mick!  You deserve the best damn birthday party anyone could give. After a long rough life you, and you alone, pulled yourself together and made a life for yourself.  You chose life.  You deserve to celebrate that not just once a year but everyday thereafter, which I’m sure you do.

I hope there are many more.



Today My BFF Turns 5

Mission Of My Soul


Most people ring in the New Year hoping that it’s better than the last. They make resolutions they can’t keep and harp on how bad the last year was for them. But really how bad was it and how is hoping for a better one going to make it, well…better. Don’t get me wrong, I understand there are valid reasons for complaints.

Think about it, though.  Do we celebrate on the eve of the New Year to remember all the good in the past year or to forget all the bad? What do you think?

I have 249 people on my FB friends list and not once have I heard how great 2011 was and hope that the coming year is just as good.

Are we really programmed to be negative all the time. Are we so brainwashed by the media to the point we can’t even express the good in our lives. That’s pretty sad. It’s pretty sad that people think all we want to hear are the bad things.

A close cousin of mine died in April of 2010 and that October her daughter’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. I would say her last two years of endurance is valid enough for her to forget the past and to wish for a better 2012. And she did. She said 2011 was the worst year ever, but followed it by saying, however there was one good thing and that was the army of friends she had behind her and her husband for support and love and the help they needed to get through such a difficult time. Regardless of all the hurdles she had to overcome she still found it in her heart to find the good in something that left her devastated.

I love this woman. If ever in my life I come to a crossroad I hope I have at least half the courage she has.


Happy New Year